World Football Kick

World Cup shines on a pedestal. Your coach has given you all the tactics and he will save you. The objective of this game is to win every match you play in the free kick. You must start by selecting a team. There are 32 different teams divided into 8 groups. You must first try to beat your team's teams. When you select a command, you will be directed to the level selection screen. The game has 8 levels.
 Use the mouse to play World Football Kick. Click and hold on your character with the left mouse button and drag to adjust the impact power and angle. There will be players from other teams trying to stop your throw, so aim carefully and wait for the right time to throw the ball. When you score 7 goals, you win. You have 3 lives in each level and their depletion will lose you.
 Join the 2018 World Cup and become the best football team in the world! Once you have scored a penalty and scored a goal, you will enjoy the game. You must start by selecting one of the many countries participating in the 2018 Football Cup. In World Football Kick 2018, you can become the best footballer in the world.

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