You must meet Wheely, a stubborn car on a mission. To help Wheely reach the end of each level, you must press the buttons, the buttons, and the cranks. You can easily catch the fun.
You can enjoy the fantastic adventures of the cute red Wheely car here for free. Our adventurous and brave car friend Wheely will support you in the game. From puzzles to leaving the showroom and getting a girl into trouble, these Wheely games, with amazing stories and impressive levels, will make you a fan of the series like many other players in the world.
 This Fun Adventure Awaits You in the Wheely Series
Wheely will probably be the most adventurous car game you've met. Here at the Pegely dealership you will find parking at Wheely and will need your help to avoid this harmless life. When they realize he's gone, things will get hot and the police cars will start looking for our fugitive friend. In the Wheely world, mowing the grass can be the beginning of an adventure. In the fifth game of the series, the game will become even more fun when it runs out of space to stop the meteor that starts flying to Earth when it tries to replace the broken lawnmower.

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