Vex 4

The interest of the players in the hybrid games group, which has increased in popularity recently, is quite large. So what are these hybrid games? It tries out the games that have been created by combining two different game categories. And game makers continue to offer new and different content, combining many game categories. The actors are very interested in them. One of the most suitable categories for this type of games is platform games. Since it is easy to combine with different varieties and does not harm the integrity of the game, it manages to be one of the first choices of the manufacturers. Vex , which is one of the best examples to be added to the popular stickman games every day while continuing to be added, is also a great success as a platform game.It attracted the attention of 4 players. Vex 4 , the last game of the 4 game series, was made by introducing new updates on the previous game, Vex 3. It has quickly become one of the most beautiful games for those who love platform game and stickman games . Our main goal is to save our character from a large map filled with traps, like a maze. While doing this, you should be fast and you should not be distracted. Our character to accompany is in prison on a large map and you should try to save him. First of all, as in the first three games of the series, we have to overcome the main obstacles and traps in order to enter the sections in this game. But these obstacles Vex 3 and VexIt's not as easy as in 2 game. It seems that the manufacturers, who have increased their difficulty a little, do not want our character to be saved. Your adventure begins when you reach the department door. Pointed thorns will be waiting for you along with cutting tools swinging on the maps with new traps. Also, thorns falling down while passing under may surprise you. These thorns are constantly being renewed, so they will attack you without stopping. Another trap that comes to the game is the rotating ninja stars. The ninja stars attached to the ends of the long sticks seem dangerous, even from a distance. Electric traps have been added to keep up with the new era. In the later parts of the platform, you will see circuit boards circulating around electricity. You have to jump and pass over these cards. But if you get caught in electric current, you die. And unfortunately there is no way to cut off electricity. Also, these circuit boards make contact with water in some parts. Your timing should be great to pass through these waters. Otherwise, you can get an electric shock and die in the water. If you think the danger is over, you are wrong. The technological pitfalls added to the Vex 4 game, a challenging platform game, are endless. Motion-sensitive laser guns that shoot when you see you will shoot at you. You should avoid them, and a blue may appear before you. The way to lift and cross this blue wall is dark! You can destroy the blue walls that disappear in the dark by pressing the button in front of them. But remember that you will have to run without seeing it. It will be included in rocking ropes in your adventure. There are sections in which you are asked to pass from one platform to another by swinging like a monkey. Here you must jump towards the rope and swing to the opposite side. Do not forget to jump from the steps, which may be invisible. One of the new obstacles that aim to use your memories is invisible steps. These can appear first and then become invisible. You should memorize their places in your memory and do your jumps accordingly. There are minor changes in game mechanics. Our character now has a more flexible structure. Other than that, the movements you can do remain the same. You can jump somewhere and bend and slide while running. This feature, which is especially effective on icy grounds, will be your great helper. You can cling to the corners of the platforms and climb. Stickman throwing balls have been added and when you enter this ball it starts to rotate. Using these weapons, which are very fun, is just as dangerous. You need to get your marksmanship to be spoken because you will have to shoot a small spot between the sharp and pointed traps that lie around. If you shoot early or late, you go straight to the thorns and die. Vex , which includes the steps that move in its last game, did not forget to put thorns at the end of the heads. You will put locked wooden doors around. You can open the wooden doors that are placed one after another by taking the keys stored in the challenging parts of the map. But remember, you can hold these keys for a certain time. You should run to the door as soon as you receive the key. It is up to you to get the stars put behind these doors. You don't have to, but if you do, your score increases and you can reach high scores . They will love to put options on the map, in this game too, ice grounds, blocks that fall when pressed and underwater adventures are greatly placed. New and more challenging levels have been added as options for those who find the game easy. You don't have to play these episodes. But when you finish the game or want to have a little more difficulty, I can say that these sections that you can choose are quite difficult. In this way, the game has been brought to a different dimension and exciting, new adventures are added that you will not get tired of dying. Control points remain in the game. If you do not want to lose your progress on the platform and want to continue where you left off, you should reach the checkpoints determined with a red flag. When you arrive, the flag will turn green and the checkpoint will become active. When you die, instead of starting the game again, you will be revived here. As always, you have unlimited right to die. However, if you want to achieve a good score in the game, you should pay attention to your completion time, number of deaths and the stars you collect . In the rank section you will see on the left of the screen, there are evaluations such as gold, silver and bronze. Rank here if you have a very bad scoreIt does not appear. You can learn the chapters you have completed, the stars you have collected, your death numbers from the statistics section on the start screen. The feature I suggest you to watch out for in your underwater adventures is breath holding. You can hold your breath for a certain period of time, and you can see this time from the degree of breath that appears above the character. Apart from dying by drowning, the traps that you will encounter continue to come under water. You will have bloody pieces scattered around when you die. If you do not want to die by being shattered in this way, you must be careful and quite fast. For these reasons, it can have bad effects on young children. It is not suitable for people under the age of 13 to play. You should play in your homes with the help of your parents. We also recommend that you consult your teachers if you want to play in your schools. The Vex 4 platform game, which is the last game of the four game Vex series, is a combination of stickman games and has been renewed considering the tastes of adventure lovers. The incoming updates did not change the game, but it made the game more fluid by enhancing its mechanics. If you have played the previous three games and are interested in such games, step into this adventure that you should not miss without losing time and experience the excitement with Vex 4.

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

Can the Vex 4 game be played in multiplayer?

  • Unfortunately, the game maker Kizi did not bring the multiplayer option to this series. So it can't be played in a multiplayer way.
  • The sequel to the sequel of the popular series Vex games is expected to follow.

How to play Vex 4 game?

  • Come to the section doors by overcoming obstacles in the game's start screen.
  • You can move with the arrow keys.
  • Leaning over, enter the section and embark on the adventure.
  • You can open the doors by taking the keys.
  • Get to the magical door at the end of the episode without getting caught by obstacles and traps.
  • If you want more difficulty, try the new chapters.
  • Proceed without dying and don't forget to enjoy the platform game.

Who is Vex ?

  • Vex is the name of our imprisoned character who is asked to reach the magical door by overcoming obstacles in the game.

Is Vex 4 game safe?

  • It is not appropriate for people under the age of 13 to play, as there are blood and fragments in the game in the death scenes. You can play in your homes by getting help from your parents and in your schools by consulting your teachers.

How many Vex games are there?

  • There are 4 Vex games named Vex 1, Vex 2, Vex 3, Vex4 .

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