Vex 4

Vex 4, one of the most popular games in recent days, aims to reach the result by overcoming prominent obstacles. Stickman needs to support these obstacles. The new version of the famous Vex 3, this game is about an adventure-filled journey. Ability to jump anywhere and need to dodge the wheels on the nail.

Stickman Game

Vex 4, also known as stickman game, progresses without dying of spiked wheels. There are many levels in this game to pass each level and to continue the adventure quickly to unlock new stages play an important role. To open the lock you need to reach the exit door. Use the computer's arrow and arrow keys to overcome obstacles and move to the next level, and to move and jump.

Collect Stars

In Vex 4 you need to collect the stars that are left in the levels to unlock the harder and harder version of the level. The collected stars provide higher power. The levels include the extra levels needed to complete a large level. Stickman is one of the game options
Vex 4 can be played with the arrow keys or the A, S, D, W keys. If the game ends at the end of the game, the start tab returns to the beginning. Full of adventure and fun, the Vex game catches the attention of gamers.

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