Vex 3

The games created by combining two popular game types are more interesting and appeal to more audiences. Vex 3, which is one of the best examples of this and combines stickman games with platform and track games, has achieved great success in both areas. Vex 3, the third of the four games of the series where we first met Vex 1, managed to become popular as soon as it was unblocked. In fact, when it was admired, the producers were not too late to launch the Vex 4 game. Movement flexibility is one of the most important points since the obstacles are overcome by making dangerous movements in the course games. In addition, moving the game to different environments is as important as the flexibility of movement. The main purpose of our platform game, where we can do many cool moves, is to save our character from a platform full of obstacles and traps, which is like a big maze. We will accompany and guide us on the adventure he is trying to get out of our character imprisoned here. Initially, you will find yourself on a platform around which sections appear. And in order to enter any section, you have to overcome the obstacles here and proceed to the big cubes with a level gate. But don't be afraid right away, because the obstacles here are easier than those in the episode. The real danger will start when you enter the level. Pointed thorns and sharp pitfalls that you will encounter in the game are waiting for you. While paying attention to all this, you should try not to fall down. You are asked to proceed along the platform. It is possible to advance by jumping from wall to wall while climbing to high places. If you lean while running fast, you will slide forward and you will have a chance to get rid of small obstacles. You will see a spot above the gaps without bridges. I suggest that you do not jump without seeing these points that you must hold by jumping and swinging and jumping to the opposite side. You should also use wooden boxes to protect against ninja stars and thorns. You can move them by pushing or kicking them. When you are asked to use the feature in a different or new style, you will see the informative article about it. If you still have trouble passing, you should access the hints about that part by pressing the hint button at the top of the screen. You can see platforms of ice shining like diamonds. Remember that these are very slippery and take care to move slowly. Climbing is not the only way to go up high. You will reach very high points by jumping from the orange colored jumping points. If you do not want to start from the beginning when you die, you should reach the checkpoint. So what is this checkpoint? It may sound familiar to everyone from many platform games because it's a fairly common feature. The points created so that you do not lose your progress in the game are called checkpoints. It is displayed with a red flag and turns green when you arrive. When you make these flags green and die, you are born at the checkpoint instead of being born at the very beginning of the game and you are not left behind too much. My advice to you is not to miss checkpoints. You have the right to die as much as you want. But when you die, pieces of stickman scatter around with blood. Also, if you want to score high in the game and complete the levels completely, this is a bad option. Because you compete over time. There is a counter that works non-stop while playing, and it shows how long you have finished an episode. You can also follow the death numbers in the game from the pause screen. Using these two statistics, how good you are is calculated and appears on the left side of the screen. Keeping it well is important as it will reflect on your score. You can see the chapters you have completed, your number of deaths or the rewards you have received along with the challenging chapters in the 'Trophies' section. The danger continues not only on land but also under water. You will come across deep puddles and you can continue your adventure. Our character, who has the ability to swim, has time to hold his breath just like a normal person. The cubes that appear above the character when you enter the water show you how long you can stay underwater. If you don't pay attention to this, you can die by drowning. Also, the traps that you encounter on the land will come across here. It may be a good choice for you to get out of the water as soon as you will be slower and more vulnerable than when you are swimming. On the main map, you will see your total number of deaths and what percentage of the game you have completed. You can also see the difficulty level of the part you want to log in, the rewards you have won and the total time spent in the game. Since the game contains bloody elements of violence, it is inconvenient for people under the age of 13 to play. 

You should also seek help from your teachers to play in schools. Combining stickman games and platform games, you can play our Vex 3 game on our site to escape from traps and overcome obstacles in this challenging adventure, and save our character and go through exciting roads.

Frequently asked questions:
What is Vex 3?
Vex 3 is the third game in the Vex series, one of the favorite games of stickman and platform games, where challenging traps and obstacles are waiting for you and you are trying to get away.

How to play Vex 3?
Login to the game.
Access the section doors that you will encounter on the start map and start the game by pressing the tilt key.
Scroll using the arrow keys.
Avoid traps and reach checkpoints using the features provided to you.
Try to complete the levels by making the least number of deaths and shortest time.
You can see your total statistics on the start screen.

Is Vex 3 safe?
Young children can be affected due to the bloody death scenes in the game. It is inconvenient for people under the age of 13 to play. You can play with the help of your parents in your homes and with the help of your teachers in your schools.
Are there other Vex games?
Yes. There are 4 games in total named Vex, Vex 2, Vex 4. You can play other games on our site.
What are the most played platform games?

Vex 4
Fireboy and watergirl
Vex 3
Super mario

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