Ultimate Ninja Swing

Ultimate Ninja Swing is a great online game very similar to Spidey Swing. This time you can't shoot spider webs, but instead you will control a ninja pulling the ropes. The controls are the same, so you won't find any difference. You must deal with various obstacles that may harm you and, for example, tear your foot. You may also suffer enough to repeat the level. You expect 24 levels to increase complexity, so you don't have to be bored. You can also play the game on your mobile phone.

Help him to the finish line on each of the ninjas. The HTML5 version of the famous game hanger, you must try to save all your limbs as you pass each level. You must avoid any obstacles and walls when attempting to cross the target safely. You pass each level faster and the less you lose your limbs, the more stars you earn.
Rise from level to level with this amazing physics-based Ultimate Ninja Swing. Your task is to control the ninja doll and swing and jump from one point to another using a rope until you reach the end of each level. Avoid hitting the walls too hard or touching the deadly traps that arise as soon as you open a few levels, otherwise you will lose some limbs or in the worst case.

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