Traffic Go

Can you drive in crowded traffic? If you think you can drive, I think Traffic go is for you. Our game starts on the city streets. Vehicles are moving at a certain speed around. You have to trust your driving skills. We are going into traffic and we are driving. Our goal is to get to the finish line without hitting anyone. If the car in front of you is going slow, turning on the radio might be a good choice. We will have Gold all the way. I suggest you don't miss this gold. Because with the gold we earn, we can buy new vehicles. When you click on the vehicles in the store, you can see how fast the vehicles are going. If you like to go slow, buy a classic car and enjoy the ride. Cars aren't the only thing that could cause an accident. There is a railroad through the middle of the road. Remember to stop when the lights at the head of the train are red. Because the trains are so fast and they can hit you. If you are using a fast vehicle, I suggest you collect more gold. Because you can add more beautiful vehicles to your garage waiting for you. Every time you step on the gas, you will see your score increase. I'd like to give you a hint to further increase your score. The closer you stand to the cars, the more they honk. That's extra points! Each level will be harder than the previous one. And the number of trains will increase. You should pay attention to the sounds as you pass through the train tracks. Suddenly you see a train in front of you. When you have an accident, the game will start again and you will be able to repeat the episode. Remember to wear your seat belts.

How to play:

Use your mouse to press the throttle and scroll.

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