Tower defense

Everybody builds their own tower in Tower Defense, which is preferred by strategy game lovers. He focuses on winning this race by collecting maps and building towers.

Tower Defense Game Goal What is it?

In Tower Defense, which is one of the most important strategy games, the aim is not to lose earth by building a tower. The village established in the first stage of the game should always be protected. If the enemy is destroyed by invasion, the game is over. You need to secure the village by building many towers.

Tower Defense Game How to Play?

A certain strategy is created and started with the selected level in the game you need to build the tower. Through the maps collected during the game, the places to be built are determined. The objective of the towers is to eliminate the enemy invasion. The more towers, the more prosperous the village remains. In addition, the tower is established and the soil areas are increased. It is a method of the game to cooperate with different countries and to defeat the enemy. It is possible to buy and sell soldiers in the tower.
The grown products are also sold in the market where all players are partners. Sales can be made either individually or by bargaining. The hut-style structures made by the people of the village are among the products sold. The more products are sold, the easier it is to earn gold. To win the game you must build a tower. Enemy invasions cannot be prevented in any other way. You can cooperate with neighboring villages to help you in battle.

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