Tank 1990

This nostalgic games was the most played game within it era. Tank 1990 was the best game in Atari and now you can play this game on apigame.com! There are two playing options. The first one is 1 player. You play by yourself in this version and it is harder. The second one is 2 player where you can play it with your friend because this game allows coop game. As a two player game, Tank 1990 can bring you lots of fun. Your objective is to defend your seal which is in the mid bottom of the screen. The enemy tanks will try to break the barricade and destroy your seal. So you need to hunt down your enemies. You can use the map to your advantage and collect some power ups to get stronger with different types of attack enhancers. Do you think you can pass all the 50 levels and win the game?

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