Super fighters is a fighting game that is completely free. 1 and 2 players. When you first start the game you will be able to play with your friend or alone. There are multiple sections in the game. Since the chapters are opened gradually, you are progressing from the first to the last. The game is played only with the arrow keys. You can move with the arrow keys to jump or bend. Game graphics are also quite advanced. You can find yourself a trench by climbing the stairs with your character. You can kill your opponents by taking weapons.
 Fun Fighting Game!

Superfighters is a game that can be played against computers and you can play with your friend. There are more than one barrel in the game. You can detonate the bomb by firing at the barrels and kill your opponent in this way. A very effective method of killing is to blow up drums. You can also get an advantage by standing on the moving objects in the game. If you shoot over moving objects, your opponent's chances of hitting you will be greatly reduced. You can shoot against your opponent with the m key on your keyboard and kill him. You can also punch with the N key.

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