Super Mario 63

Super Mario, which has taken the game world by storm, continues to maintain its popularity. The story, which the players had been waiting for, managed to become one of the leading platform games of its era with its original character and different game mechanics. Although there are many examples in the market lately, Super Mario 63 is one step ahead. This may be due to his adherence to his story and to bringing new features without leaving the original game mechanics. As before, our main goal is to save the princess held captive by the evil monsters. In this challenging adventure, you will come across mushrooms and some signs supporting our character Mario. You can learn about the use of new special powers or different tools by looking at them in stages that you have difficulty or in sections that you cannot pass. You will learn the game basically on the tutorial map that you will see at the beginning. Do not think that it is easy and rejoice right away because challenging levels and angry monsters will be waiting for you in the next levels. You have to kill monsters and eliminate spells to save the kidnapped princess. You can achieve this by finding the sparkle spirit and star coins hidden in the maps. You will encounter obstacles on the adventure road. The weakest point of the monsters who want to prevent you is their heads. You can jump over someone and kill him. Or, you can approach and shoot bombs by making a twisting motion. After killing turtles, it's a good option to use your shell against your other enemies. There will be king monsters that you will encounter as you level up. You must fight with all your strength against giant kings. The danger continues not only on land but also underwater. Super Mario 63 producers, who gave you the option to go underwater and put some hidden doors underwater, placed fish that seemed friendly underwater. But if you get close to fish that are just as dangerous as monsters, they will hurt you. You can see your soul at the top of the screen. Each time you are damaged, it will decrease a little and you will lose a life when it is finished. If you want to save the princess, remember that you have 5 lives and protect them. As we have enemies who want to hurt us, we have many options that help us in this adventure. An example of this is the water jet, which you can bounce hard on stone boxes. You have to go up to the high places and the hard-to-reach hills using the water jet. Or it is a useful tool that will take you up again when you fall, but its fuel is limited. It works with water and you have to go in and out to fill it. You can kill your enemies using this. I'll give you a hint if you run out of water, you can find and use it on the road, but if you haven't, try jumping three times. In your third jump, you will see that you jump higher. There is one more thing we can get help in reaching high places. Birds! You can jump on the back of a bird passing by, but be careful. If birds strike while you are high, they can cause you to fall. In the mission to save the kingdom and win the heart of the princess, there are gold and emeralds among the precious mines that we need to collect except the glittering spirit and star coin. These allow you to earn points and extra lives. You will find doors that will open to different passages in your main castle. You need to have enough glitter spirit or star coin to open them. The unlocked doors will shine and be open for you to enter. Through these doors, you will step into the vast and adventurous worlds of the Super Mario 63 game. Hidden maps you will find by entering inside some of the paintings or using the tunnels opening underground and the special treasures you will find here are waiting for you to be a part of your entertainment. Mario, who likes to surprise players by making maps in this way, opens the door to unexpected worlds and aims to eliminate the ordinariness of platform games. Unlike other platform games, adding hidden sections to the map meant offering players places to explore and go to different places at an unexpected moment. By doing this, they increased the excitement and, of course, they managed to stand out by gaining the appreciation of the players. With Super Mario 63, which continues this tradition, you should discover unknown maps and collect the treasures found here. Since there are no violent elements in the game, it is appropriate for players of all ages to play. You can play with the help of your parents in your home. Or you can play with your friends and teachers at your school. Super Mario 63 is waiting for you with its colorful and creative world if you want to seize the adventure of rescuing the invaded and dangerous kingdom and winning the heart of the princess.

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

What is Super Mario 63?
It is a 2D action, platform game designed by the same story and created by Runouw, with a vast map with all the characters, enemies and abilities of the Super Mario game.

How to play Super Mario 63?
Enter the start screen and select the story mode.
If there is a game you saved before, continue or open a new file.
Proceed by collecting glitter spirit and star coins by killing monsters on the map.
Earn points and health regen by purchasing gold and emeralds.
You can read the information with Z, X, C keys or use special power.
Move with the arrow keys.
Win the game by freeing the princess from monsters that invade the kingdom.

Can Super Mario 63 be played for two?
Unfortunately, there is currently no option to play for two. But if the developer company adds a two-player game mode to the market in the coming periods, we will give this good news to you, our valuable players.

Is Super Mario 63 safe?
It is suitable for players of all ages to play, as there is no violent content in the game and there are no bloody images. You can play with the help of your parents at home and with the help of your teachers in your schools.

What are the unblocked Super Mario 63 game cheats?
There is no cheat that you can actively use in the game.
But you can use some features as cheats.
For example, if you leave the game without saving when you die, you can start from where you previously saved and you do not have to pass the levels you have passed again.

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