Subway Surfers

We are here with Subway Surfers, an action game that you will enjoy playing its colorful world and exciting story. The action-based game that is inspired by street culture and makes it fun, will make you forget how time passed. Although the obstacles and pitfalls are generally the same as the map, there is environmental planning in every update and you have the opportunity to play in the big cities of the world. With this feature, it is aimed to keep the game alive with the differences brought by not adhering to a single map and the environment. Game made by Kiloo games Temple It is quite similar to the run game. It is quite similar in terms of game mechanics and gameplay. Young people love painting walls on the streets and skateboarding on the railways. But the police officer and his angry dog ​​are not happy with this. Our character skateboarding on the railroad and painting wagons. The police and angry dog ​​chasing you in this situation are chasing you and your goal is to escape as much as you can without getting caught and overcoming obstacles. Subway Surfers, which has popularized this game concept, which has been very popular especially in mobile games recently, has become one of the most played games. At the beginning of the great escape adventure, the police officer appears as our character paints the wagons and you start running. You will have barriers in front of you. You have to pass these barriers sometimes by jumping and sometimes by leaning. You will see 3 train tracks side by side. You have to run through these roads and switch between rails. On some roads you will see empty wagons, you can hit non-moving wagons and get caught. You will run on three rails, but sometimes you will have to run in one tunnel by entering the tunnels. I recommend that you pay attention to the exit of the tunnel when running on single rails because there may be a train coming towards you when you leave. Another obstacle that you will encounter while bringing the bottom of the city's metro line is waiting for you on the wagons. In the adventure where you will jump and run on the moving subways and try to escape, the police will approach you if you fall over the wagons and hang out. If you hang out twice, you get caught. I will give you a hint. If you want to land on the ground when you jump late, you can press the tilt key. You may need to do this to collect enhancements and gold waiting for you on the ground. Like every game, Subway Surfers game has developable features. In addition, there are also gifts and features waiting to be used. So what are these? Firstly, you will see that there is gold everywhere while running. You have to collect them. You can see the amount of coins you collected on the screen. The features and conveniences you can get using these are presented to you adventure lovers. These features, which you can get by using coins, can come out of the boxes you will find on the road or you may encounter them for single use during the escape. The first feature is the magnet feature. You can be rich by using this feature, which will allow you to collect gold by pulling the gold in all three platforms you progress. Another feature is electric shoes! Using these shoes, you have the power of jumping extra and your character is running faster. Many players' favorites are skateboarding. You will be safe while using this. Apart from fearlessly doing cool skateboarding movements on the railroad, it gives you extra lives during the time used. If you hit somewhere while using a skateboard, you don't die, you lose one skateboard and you can continue running. You have 2 more features that will let you fly into the air. The first one is the jump bar. When you use this, you jump on everything and collect the gold that is waiting for you above and land on the ground. The second is the rocket bag. When you use this, you are flying in the air for a certain period of time and you move by collecting coins next to the clouds. Remember that you are safe when using the rocket bag because there is no obstacle to hit in the air and you do not risk getting caught. If you want to start the game one step ahead, the boost feature is just for you. When you use this, you start the game from the future according to the feature you use. If you died in an unexpected moment, it may be useful to start in the future with this feature. If you died in an unexpected place or are about to break records, there are keys you can use. When you first die using the keys you will find in the game, you can continue from where you left off, using one key and the second key when you die. The number of times you have died in a game, you must use as many keys as you can to recover. But remember, the keys are very rare treasures and you may not always find them. You can access all these features from the market on the start screen. You can get it using the gold you collect. It can be used as a single-use in the game or it can come out of the surprise boxes that you will encounter during the game. Features have a usage time. You will see these usage times at the bottom of the screen from the moment you open the item. Do not forget to pay attention to this period. Suddenly interrupted features can bring you to an end and get caught up in the angry police officer. Also on the map, you will see letters coming out. There is a word you are supposed to complete by collecting these letters. Every time you get a letter, you will see this word at the top of the screen and you will be able to calculate how many letters are left. You don't just buy features from the market. It is waiting for you to use costumes prepared for different characters. You can buy hats, masks and many more costumes. If you want to play with new characters, you must first unlock it. The items belonging to the characters are scattered on the track. For example, you will find a hat or radio. If you collect the required number of items from you, you can unlock that character and start playing. A wide and adventurous world awaits you with many characters and costumes you can play. One more thing to look out for is the room game speed. The game speed will increase as you progress. If you evaluate this well, it will be very easy to break new records. When that Yun is faster, you get to the high scores faster. You can find accelerations on the way or buy them at the market. It is suitable for players of all ages to play, as there is no violent element in the game. You can play in your homes with the help of your parents. Suitable for playing in schools, Subway Surfers is the perfect game to play with your friends. You can play with the help of your teachers. If you like track games, you can help your character escape from the police by participating in this exciting adventure. Subway Surfers, which you will play around the world with very smooth and modern game mechanics, is waiting for the game lovers.

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:


What is the meaning of the name Subway Surfers?

  • Subway Surfers is an infinite map escape and track game designed in Denmark with the partnership of the Sybo Games and Kiloo. Temple Run is similar to game mechanics. They are also very similar in purpose and gameplay.
  • The game, which is produced using the Unity game engine, is about the young people who escape from the police and use skateboards in the subway.

Does Subway Surfers have an end to the game?

  • Designed as an endless map running game, Subway Surfers actually needs to continue forever, but it's not true. An end was added to the game by doing so far. So the game ends somewhere.

How to play Subway Surfers?

  • Open the game and click the play button.
  • You can use the costumes or characters you have previously unlocked from the options on the start screen.
  • Move on the subway using the arrow keys.
  • You can use your special powers by using the Space key.
  • You will see the duration of the special roses at the bottom of the screen.
  • Proceed as far as you can without getting caught by the police and his dog and try to beat the record.

Is Subway Surfers safe?

  • Since it does not contain any violence, it does not cause aggressive attitudes among the young players. And it is suitable for players of all ages to play. It is suitable for you to play in your homes and schools.
  • If you want to play in schools or offices, you can open the game with Subway Surfers unblocked and continue the fun from where it left off.



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