Subway Run

Did you ever ride a skateboard? Or have you ever run around the town as you like doing some crazy stunts? Subway Surf is the game that will let you do all the things you want in your dreams. Run around the town, jump over buses, pass the obstacles and collect coins as you move and run as long as you can. But be careful, the police are on your tail and you need to run away from them so you shouldnt make many mistakes or they will catch you. Choose your character and start the fun. As you collect and earn coins you can spend them in the shop on the menu and choose from many different characters. You can also buy new items or get some upgrades to help you run away and collect coins much easier. The controls for this game are W,S,A,D or Arrow Keys to move the character and use space button to use the hoverboard. As you go further you will have to go faster and faster so good luck and dont let the police catch you!

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