Stickman War

The game Legecy is one of the legendary games, you will join those who say you are a legend. When you start the game, you will find yourself in the world of stick figures. In Stick Battle, you must defeat your enemies in battle. You can use weapons, swords, arrows or knives. Not only children, adults can play a game that we can say fondly.
 In addition to swords, arrows and knives, you can also have special skills like magic. Just click on the Campaign button to start the game. Click on the “New Game” button and select one of the game's difficulty levels. Initially, it is recommended that you select the recommended "Normal" rating. Then you will see a video describing the history of the game and the game will start.
 Your goal is to win the battle with the clubs you control and occupy the zones of your opponents in the sections you are in. Due to financial problems and general difficulties in MOD APK, Stickman War is an unlimited trick with diamonds, an unlimited skill score as a fake offer, so you can improve your army the way you want and destroy your enemies. Endless battles, a long-standing structure, clubs with special abilities and much more will be waiting for you. 2D graphics and sound quality are good. Management is performed using the joystick logic.

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