Stick Wars 2

Stick War 2 Hacked, which is one of the most preferred games of recent times for those who want to fight, takes its place on computers with its latest version. Stickmen require a separate force to form an army and lead the army. Take down the statue of the opposing country using strategy and magic power and always be the winner.

Stick War 2 What is the aim of the game?

Stick War 2 does not build an army of normal people like other war games. All of the armies consist of garbage men. Blood pressure never drops in the game because you are constantly on the line of fire. Country resources are collected and the army is strengthened. Thanks to the strengthening of the army, it stands up against the enemies. Complete the task of downloading the statue of the enemy, which is your goal.

How to Play Stick War 2?

Stick War 2 has a world of stick figures. This world will not be as easy as it seems to survive and build a new army. The game has only one task. He mission is to land the statue of the enemy country. The army is further strengthened by weapons, arrows, swords and knives looted from war-waging countries. In addition to wrist power, magic power is also used in the game. Build your army in the game and become the world leader. Lower the statue of the enemy country using magic and wrist power. The degree of difficulty in the game is selected when starting the game. You will encounter an opponent according to your degree of difficulty. In general, the recommended normal level means more countries.


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