Sonic the Hedgedog

Sonic The Hedgehog Characters, which was introduced to the game world with Sega in 1991, was met with great interest among gamers. In fact, it was loved so much that even though the years have passed, it is still being loved. With this game, Sonic The Hedgehog Games manages to remind himself no matter how much time passes.
How to Play Sonic The Hedgedog?
Known as Hedgehog Sonic, he is a blue character and fast. This character was so successful that animated films and cartoon series were also shot. Sonic is always dr. Robotnik is fighting. The bad doctor's trying to get the rings. Sonic is first portrayed at the age of 16. Then, 15 years of drawing is done. Here, it shows a younger image. At the same time, there are different versions of Sonic. In general, Sonic The Hedgehog Games runs very fast and tries to dodge obstacles. Robotnik is fighting.
Sonic The Hedgedog General Amaco
Sonic has a purpose in Sonic Flash Games games. This purpose; Collect chaos emeralds with Chaos Emeralds in English Destroying Robotnik's plans. With this story, Sonic brings the players around him and he still manages to gather the users around him with the love of the first day. With its fast and dynamic structure, the obstacles are overcome faster and the target is approached faster.

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