Slices, which has a different feature in puzzle-style games, is a software that develops strategy skills. Puzzle-style games improve children's ability to complete and detect. In this game you complete the pizza-shaped circles with the appropriate slices.
Logic of the Game
You carefully add the pieces from the middle pizza to the empty pizzas on the sides. In this splicing process, it is important that the parts fit. Brainteaser-style games are known to increase intelligence. Slices increase your child's ability to complete and determine strategies.
Adding the right pieces in the game maximizes the fun. In the insertion process, when you click on the space to be inserted with mause, the automatic insertion process occurs. You don't need to drag the piece. In fun-style games where entertainment peaks, all the effective features you're looking for are combined.

Different Style

Slices-style games are more preferred than the funny-style games that create a waste of time. This game is a game evaluated in the brain category. Pizza puzzle, which develops intelligence, is much different from ordinary games.

Puzzle games created by bringing together the pieces that complement each other are recommended by educators. Brain games style brain games also contribute to education. Slices have a positive effect on perception problems, lack of motivation and lack of completion.
Slices is a very cute game with its uncomplicated and simple structure. When the pizza pieces used in the game are completed, the cooking sounds. This sound motivates the player.

Slices PLAY