Rolling Ball 3D

Do you like Subway Surfer? Rolling Ball 3D is just the game for you! Collect the gems along the way and dont die. If you think this game is easy you are wrong. Because when you say okay I got the game now and there is no way that I will die, you die. Every single time you will get new surprises. Either the road will have new obstacles, the road will move, you will fall down the empty spaces or you will crash into something. It never stops surprising you. After you die you will get some gems and you need to spend them to get some power ups. There are three power ups that you can use. One is the magnet. It will pull all the gems around to you so that you wont have to be worried about gems for a limited time. The second one is the sheild will give you immunity towards crashing into objects. But you will still die if you fall down the map. The third and last upgrade you can have is more gems buff. This will let you get two times more the gems you earned. You can also buy some skins from the shop and get new and different looks. 

Rolling Ball 3D can be played with Arrow keys or W,A,S,D keys. Don't forget to comment your record.

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