Road Safety

Road Safety, new version of the game content has become more vivid. In this fun game that requires attention, it is aimed to pass people from where they are to the other side. In the meantime, you will have to pay attention to moving vehicles. We need to get every person across the road unharmed. If you can't do this; blood will be shed from every person hit by cars. When you cross each of these people, you earn 3 stars for each level and you complete the level.
About Game Content
Game; wants attention, rule and good observer property. In addition to this, you will have fun in the mini-game and you will enjoy it thanks to its visual effects. It is possible to play the game live on PC and mobile, which supports different languages. Get ready to face different challenges in each level of the game you will play through the website! The number of people at each level will increase and the speed of the cars will increase.
How to play?
The Road Safety game has a setting that you can quickly navigate with the keyboard arrow keys and the Mouse. The manual play feature is also valid within the mobile app. With fast-moving on-screen control keys, you'll be able to take people quickly without crushing cars! With the classic game direction keys and letters, the game will guide you and give you clues to help you get through the new chapters quickly. Complete missions with the latest rewards waiting for you in each section!

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