Rocket Racing Wheels

Have a great racing game with Rocket Racing Wheels? Before you start the race you need to choose the character and the vehicle you will drive! To better score in the game, the more money you save. With this money you save, you can buy characters and vehicles. This racing game will keep your curiosity alive with constantly self-renewing sections. The animations of the game are quite attractive and will meet your expectations. You must compete well with your opponent to reach the end of the episode. Concentrate and reach the finish line first. If you are not well-motivated, you will lose your balance and cause your car to crash. Hit the gas to go fast!  Always keep your hands on the keypad and watch your vehicle.

 Too much speed will cause your opponent to take the lead. If you want to reach the target line first in the game you have to check your vehicle professionally. As the game passes, it will become more exciting for you. Of course, if you can get through the challenging tracks, you can see the next level. No problem, if you say I'm a master of racing games, you will definitely succeed. You need to make some effort and raise money to strengthen your vehicle. As you get stronger, your opponents will grow stronger! To play Racing Rocket easily, just use ’arrow keys‘. If you like racing games, this game is for you. Then show who is the best and start the race! Good luck.

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