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Battle royale games, which have recently entered the game world, have attracted the attention of many players. Especially if you want to fight against other players and achieve victory by defeating your opponents, these games will suit you. Since Battleroyale games can be played both as a single player or as a team, the entertainment is much more than other games. For this reason, many players prefer battle royale games recently.
 Innovative Game Engine
 The most important element in Battle royale games is the game engine used in the game. Many producers prefer lower performance game engines to reduce costs, while shooting pubg uses a more innovative game engine. Thanks to this game engine, the game provides a very realistic experience and gives you more pleasure and excitement than many battle royale games.
 The graphics are also designed to be extremely successful. Unlike many similar games, this game uses highly successful graphics to make the game more realistic. From the designs of the characters to the environmental design, many details give you a realistic gaming experience. Especially the fire effects and other effects in the game will help you to draw some more in the game.
 PUBG Gameplay
 The game has the same logic gameplay as battle royale games. After opening the game you have to make your choice to start the competition. After you start the game you fall on an island and start to destroy your opponents by finding them. In Pubg, your opponents are marked in red. This makes it easier to find your opponents. Your opponents do not notice you and do not shoot you until you are within a certain distance of your opponents. Also, if you shoot at your opponents before they reach a certain distance, you cannot damage them. If you want to kill your opponents, you have to approach them first.
 You must be careful when approaching your opponents. Because you start the game with 100 lives and every time your opponents hit you, your life decreases. If you end up completely before reaching the goal, the game will end. Therefore, you must kill all of your opponents before you reach the target. Your goal in the game is shown in blue.
 In the game A W, A, S, D ”keys are movement commands. You can skip with the “Space” key, you can skew with the “CTRL” key. You can also switch between your weapons with “1,2,3,4” keys. The “SHIFT” button allows you to run fast. You can zoom in to your opponent by holding down the right button while the left mouse button is firing.
 PUBG is presented to you as 1player. So you play the game alone against your opponents. If you want to start the game if you want to make the sound and other settings, or you can choose your weapons. After completing the settings, you will start the game with the weapon you selected when you start the game. Your goal in the game is to move towards the target marked in blue. For this, you have to progress by killing your opponents. However, if you cannot kill your opponents quickly, your opponents will notice you and shoot you. The game will end if you are zero. You cannot continue the same game after you die. You need to start a new game to play again.
 If your computer doesn't open other battle royale games, you can play it comfortably through your browser. The game can run easily even on computers with the lowest system capabilities. To run the game, you need to have an internet connection. You can play the game in full screen if you want through your browser. The full-screen experience makes you feel like you're playing a real battle royale game. In addition, the game's realistic graphics and highly successful game engine will help you experience this feeling. If you encounter any errors in the game, it is enough to refresh the page.

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