Train Snake

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Train Snake

The Snake game, which used to be a revolution in the game world, has won the hearts of the players as one of the most popular games of all players who played at least once. The basic logic of the Snake game, which is played as a mobile game or you can play on your computer, was to grow by eating food without hitting your own body. As you got older, the game became harder and you had no room to move. Afterwards, this game was renewed by bringing different maps and it has already managed to maintain its popularity. Even today, it still exists as a game played. New versions of the player and emerged with renewed attraction to. He made them play as one of the arcade games. Of course, there were new games that came out similar to this game. Similar games were added to the .IO world and continued to be presented to you .IO lovers. Slither. io is one of the best examples of this. Imagine all these games combined and become simpler. The Tran Snake game, which is produced with a very learnable and fluent structure, is a colorful Arcade game with a simple and original structure that you will play. As you can see from the name, the theme of the game is creating trains. If you are interested in trains and want to steer trains as a machinist, we recommend that you do not miss this game. Game mechanics are quite simple, plain, original and fluent. Your main goal is to pick up passengers and advance as a train driver. There are tasks assigned to you while you are enjoying your fun journey by moving on a colorful train track. This task is to carry passengers. You must proceed on the railway by ensuring the safety of the passengers. The good news is that you don't have any trouble. In this type of games, you are usually asked to reach passengers to the point they want within a certain period of time. Or you will earn extra points and coins for the passengers you deliver in a short time. But this is not the case with Snake Train. The feature that you should pay attention to while taking the passengers from the stops on the road and that brings the name Snake to this game is that the train gets a little longer each time you get a passenger. So how does the train extend? A wagon is added to the back of the locomotive for every passenger you pick up. So you have a train that gets longer as you pick up the passengers. This may not seem like a feature that will cause problems at first glance. But there are obstacles and traps that prevent you from reaching your destination. Examples of these are barriers that open and open. These barriers close at certain times and open at certain times, but you do not know when to close and when to open. In fact, an open barrier can close suddenly as you pass, causing the train to crash. At this point, your machining skills come into play. All you have to do is move the train and stop it. This event, which sounds quite easy, may cause you to be surprised or accident in any carelessness while using the train. Barriers are not the only traps that try to prevent you. There are gaps on the 4 sides of the rotating traps and the road can turn around during the seemingly easy passes, preventing your passage. If you switch to them with a great timing, there will be no problem. Or, when you arrive at an obstacle, you can wait at the beginning and calculate the activation time and pass safely accordingly. Another obstacle, and I think the most dangerous, are purple obstacles. These are barrier-like obstacles and have a structure that opens and closes. Purple obstacles, which are like the two walls closing towards each other, will appear in a binary way to force you a little more in the following sections. It is quite easy to pass these traps while you are a small train, but when your passenger number increases and new wagons are added to the train, the probability of getting caught by these traps and accident is increasing. If I need to give you a hint, when you approach the trap, you slow down and stand in front of the trap. You can more easily predict the working time of the traps running in certain seconds intervals. Also, one of the most important obstacles you need to pay attention to is the double-sided hammer. This hammer-like obstacle will turn and try to harm you. If you don't pay attention to this, you crash your train and you crash in the game. It is known that these obstacles have an easy side. The peculiarity of these traps is that they are constantly in motion. Unlike the obstacles, which are easier to move and suddenly cause you to have an accident, these obstacles return without stopping, so it is easy to pass without getting stuck on them compared to the suddenly moving obstacles. If you crash, don't be upset right away. When you hit, smoke will come out of the train and the train will stop where it is. You will see an option to repeat the episode and another option where you can continue from where you left off by watching a video. If you do not want to lose your progress in the department, you can continue from where you left off by watching videos. Apart from all these features, I would like to talk about another nice feature offered to you. Game makers, who think you will get bored if the trains you use were always the same, plan to increase the variety by offering you new and different train options. During the game, you earn money in direct proportion to the number of passengers you carry. You can spend your earned money by purchasing any train by clicking on ' Trains ' on the start screen. At this point, 9 different train options welcome you. But the Train Snake game, which plans to add some more fun to the job, does not show you these trains in advance. You can see the coins you earned on the screen and you can win one of 6 different trains by using 1000 Coins. It is possible to choose any of the trains you have won before starting the game. The remaining 3 train options can be opened by watching videos. You can see the image of the trains that are like a wheel of luck and you have won randomly. You cannot see these images before winning. In addition, your easier CoinBonus sections will be available for you to win and to add more original content to the game. Bonus chapters will appear between normal chapters, and there will be no traps to block you in those chapters. On the empty train tracks, you will only collect gold and fill your wagons with gold. In this way, you can own more trains and continue the game richer. Get ready to fill your wagons with gold. Since there are no violent elements in the game, there is no feature that will have a negative impact on children. For this reason, it is possible for players of all ages to play the game. You can play with your teachers in your schools or with the help of your parents in your homes. If you want to be a mechanic using a snake-like train and want to carry passengers and sometimes gold in your wagons, we recommend that you do not miss the Train Snake game. You can play online on our site.

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:


How to play Train Snake game?

  • Train Snake, which is very easy to play and learn, has a very smooth game mechanics and simple rules.
  • You can choose a train from the start screen or buy new trains.
  • When you start the game, use the left mouse button to move and stop the train.
  • Move on rails without getting stuck on obstacles.
  • Collect passengers from the stops and reach the finish line without an accident.


What is Train Snake?

  • It is a fun game where you take the role of a mechanic in a colorful world and you must drive the train without getting stuck on obstacles.
  • It is aimed to collect the passengers from the stops and carry them without an accident.


Can I play Train Snake in multiplayer?

  • There is no multiplayer mode in this version of the game. However, if the game manufacturers bring new updates, you can access these updates through our site and play the game online.