Super Car Crash

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Super Car Crash

Super Car Crash combines casual and fun game lovers at one point. The game, published as HTML5 code, has a ready infrastructure for mobile content. Super Car Crash game is prepared by Instant Game Studio and presented to game lovers.

How to Play Super Car Crash?
Car racing game, which is in the category of racing and extremely comfortable game, is aimed to increase the player experience by using graphics and colors. While playing on the computer, the arrow keys are used to accelerate and the space key is used to brake. Likewise, those who want to play with the mouse accelerate when they press the left button, and brake when they pull their hands.

Game Overview
In the game, which starts on a racetrack filled with spectators on both sides, you adjust your speed yourself. You have to get to the finish line by avoiding the obstacles that come before you. In the game where you race against obstacles rather than time, Game Over happens when you hit obstacles and the parts of the vehicle you crashed from above fall. Instead of starting over again, you can continue the game from the part you stay.
Categories that the game belongs to
Super Car Crush game offered by Instant Game Studio has an extremely enjoyable and fun playing style. The game is tagged by the company in certain categories.
These categories are:
• Disabled race,
• Casual game,
• Overly comfortable,
• Adventure.
In the game where you can play alone or with your friends, you don't need to start from scratch all the time. The site saves your accommodation, the next time you log in, it allows you to start at the level you left. Thus, you can return to your game without slowing down.
Arriving at the Finish Line
When playing Super Car Crash, you should be careful not to crash the car. In this game, which does not race against time, it is important to take the vehicle to the finish line as a whole. The obstacles get harder as you skip the level. Thus, its progress becomes enjoyable. Stopping and getting up on time plays an extremely important role in getting your car to the finish line as a whole. In the game where you can enjoy a fast and hard driving, you should be careful not to be crushed by obstacles that narrow down on the edges.