Stick War

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Stick War

There are many stickman games available on the market. Stickman games that we can see in almost all of the game categories have achieved great success by gaining the appreciation of the players. Stickman games, which prove itself to us game lovers in shooting games and platform games, also manage to show themselves in strategy games. It stands out with its structure that does not compromise on game mechanics and the games it offers to the market based on the popular games of the categories. Our game, which has these features, is called Stick War . Stick War , a strategy and war game You will proceed to establish your own kingdom with. I want to tell you about your story. Imagine a world that is corrupt and needs resources. In this world, countries have advanced on certain battlefields. But its mines are running out. They need resources to grow and advance. They should have the resources of other countries and they won't get it the easy way. We will fight the kingdoms that want to protect themselves and their resources. By winning wars, we will capture their resources and use it to grow our kingdom. The games, which have a beautiful and attractive story, are one step ahead of the market. Stick war The game also has a beautiful and very immersive story. It is enough to collect the likes of the players and even increases. We log in to the game by clicking the play button on the start page, then select one of 3 different difficulty levels. These are divided into three as easy, normal and very difficult. Since it has the feature of recording later, if there is a game that we have recorded before, we can continue, if not, we can start a new game and enlarge our kingdom from the beginning. A strategy guide has been added to assist you. Using this, you can access in-game information and steer your strategies. You will see a big map. There are 10 kingdoms on this map with you . Your goal is to take over these kingdoms and resources by fighting. Each of the countries has different features. So what are these features? Your kingdom and starting point is the Order kingdom at the far right of the map . Your first target will be the Archidonis kingdom. There are things you need to know before you attack here. Archidonis kingdom is famous for its archers and they are very skillful in shooting arrows. They will attack you with their most skilled archers. Our second enemy will be the Swordwrath kingdom. The soldiers here specialize in using swords and attach importance to close combat in battles. They will attack you with their swords. Our third enemy will be the Speartons kingdom. In this country, known as the country of the spears, quite sharp stones are produced. Turning this situation into an opportunity, there are soldiers who are experts in using spears. They will throw spears at you and try to destroy your country with their sharp stones. Fourth, we will face the magical realm of Magikill . The soldiers have neither arrows nor sharp swords here. Soldiers who have mastered magic will counteract us with their most aggressive spells and use their wisdom to kill us. 5 more dangerous and action-filled kingdoms are waiting for us. These are lands named Westwind , Desert , No man’s , Pertland and Ica hills . We have to take over all these kingdoms to expand our country. When you come to the battlefield and start the game, the first thing you will encounter is miners. These soldiers, who are tasked with digging minerals with large bags and their digging, earn you money by collecting gold and precious stones by digging the mines. You must produce soldiers using these coins. You must attack your enemy using the soldiers you produced, but you must protect your own miners at this time. All you need to protect is not your miners. Each kingdom has its own monument. When these monuments, which have become the symbol of the country, are destroyed, the country is destroyed. You need to demolish your opponent's monument while protecting your own monument. Of course, this will not be as easy as you think. You must send soldiers to the arena without stopping. My suggestion to you is to produce a lot of miners first. Because it is possible to produce more soldiers with the money they earn. In addition, the game offers you another feature. You can manually control a military of your choice. You can take it where you want it or keep it. Each kingdom has 2 mineral resources of its own on the battlefield. And the monuments you need to destroy are located on both ends of the map. You can see the number of soldiers and the amount of precious metals you have at the top of the screen. It is possible to understand which soldier you choose from the soldier icon that appears at the top of the screen. There are orders to give to your entire army. As an experienced commander, you can determine when to attack and withdraw your army. You can give 3 different orders with the operation management system located next to the soldier production bar . You can adjust the game's graphics settings, adjust the sound settings or adjust the game speed to your liking from the Pause menu. Thanks to the character control facility, a star appears above the character you choose in Stick War game , which is one step ahead of similar strategy games, and if you want, you can also involve yourself in the war by directing the soldier you control. You can have the mastery of the countries you conquer. For example, if Archidonis If you take over your kingdom, archers are added among your soldier options. Using the added archers, you can win new battles and bring new soldiers with different features to your army. The point you should be careful about is determining a strategy according to the kingdoms. Determining your weak points and fighting accordingly will give you victory in a short way. You can get a lot of information on which soldier you have on the screen after the war you won, how to manually control them and how many minutes you won the war. You can also develop your desired group of soldiers or your own monument by using the development screen that will come up later. You need to use these enhancements wisely because making a lot of development to the soldiers you use the most indicates that the other soldiers you will have to use during the war will be weak and your monument will be vulnerable. You will see some small missions in the parchment that comes out before the war. The tasks that tell you how much time you have will be informative about the siege. The battles you will fight in different maps can tell you which kingdom you are in. Since the game includes violence and war elements, it can present aggressive attitudes in young children. For this reason, it is not suitable for people under the age of 13 to play the game. You can play in your homes by consulting your parents and in your schools by consulting your teachers. An endless exciting adventure that awaits you with stick figures, waiting for you. If you want to defend your kingdom and grow your land, do not miss Stick War, which is a combination of many game categories .

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

How to play the Stick War game?

  • Enter the game and choose the degree of difficulty.
  • Look at the enemy countries on the map and create your strategy from the strategy guide by looking at the subject of this country.
  • Buy new soldiers and miners using your mouse.
  • Browse the map using your mouse.
  • Click on the soldier you want to start controlling it and move with the W, A, S, D keys.
  • After your battles, make improvements to the soldiers or your monument.
  • Conquer the countries, put an end to the kingdoms and add new ones to your country's resources.

Can Stick War be played in multiplayer?

  • Stick War is a single player strategy and war game where you fight your enemy.
  • Unfortunately, the developer game maker does not currently offer you the option to play multiplayer.

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