Kizi Kart

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Kizi Kart

Kizi kart game is quite fun game that you can play completely free of charge. Completely racing game, kizi kart game is a game that can be played for racing game lovers. In the game you can drive your character's car with the arrow keys and try to beat your opponents. Game maps continue to become harder from the beginning to the end. You can play with the W A S D keys as well as the arrow keys. You can stop the game as you wish with the stop button in the upper left corner and then start the game again with the resume option.

Attention to obstacles!

Many gold and obstacles will be on your way in the game. You can get better cars by avoiding obstacles and collecting gold coins. Also when it comes to acceleration places while racing your car will accelerate so that you can complete the race ahead.

Be careful not to get off the road in the game. Because if you get off the road, your car will slow down and this will allow your opponents to pass you. So you'll have to drive well. If you hit opponent cars in the game, your character's car will slow down again so be careful not to hit your opponents. In order to skip levels in the game, you can finish first and move to the other map.