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Continuing to add new ones to the .IO games that offer us the most creative and exciting games of the last period and enter with a great interest in our lives. Our game Diep.io, which is easy to learn without confusion and gives us a unique sense of war based on battle royale mechanics, is here. Taking into account the actors' wishes and adding his own interpretation to this, Matheus Valadares opened the doors of an exciting world by fighting and adding tanks to the theme of survival. Diep.IO, which you will not notice how time passes while playing, is one of the things that unblocked battle royale games need most, namely, it has a comprehensive map. Diep io, which is presented as a gift to players who are tired of small and mixed maps, has a simple, enjoyable and quite a large map. To start, you need to determine your name. Then you should choose the game mode where you will have fun and contentious struggles. You have eight creative game mode options prepared for you. By choosing the survival mode, you will aim to be the last player to survive by killing your opponents. 2 or 4 team game modes allow you to fight with your friends on the same front by dividing you into teams. Or choose a maze game mode and discover a maze to fight the dangers that await you. You can increase your entertainment by a few more by trying the FFA, Sandbox, TAG, and Domination game modes waiting to be discovered, by adding a difference to the classic game. The popularity of game modes, which serve as saviors for plain games, has been quite high lately. Although they are addictive, after a while everyone wants differences and more creative changes. The game modes, on the other hand, feature an update on these requests. We have a tank that is not fully developed at the beginning of the adventure but is waiting to develop. And we have many online competitors around the world, tied around. You should pay attention to your competitors who come before you and have developed themselves because you will be their first target. Of course, this situation will not take too long. You should use the initial development points given to you and become stronger against them by increasing the features such as bullet speed, life boost, damage dealt. So how do you get development points in the future? You will see your level of information at the bottom of the screen. As your level increases, you will have a chance to use the development points given to you to get stronger. Before we find ourselves suddenly in the middle of a war, we have to shoot objects in the triangle, quadrilateral and pentagonal shapes that spread randomly on the map and raise our level. Objects with the highest number of edges are those that will be at the highest level increase. By paying attention to this, we must shoot the objects that come before us and protect them while doing so. Keep in mind that there are bigger battles inside the map, and keep an eye on your position at the bottom of the screen. As the level increases, you will be able to fight your opponents, and you will be able to choose tanks with different shapes and different firepower. Among them are those who shoot everywhere or those who shoot at a certain point with full force. I want to talk to you about an easy way to earn them. You will see the tasks that will appear on the right side of the screen. If you do these tasks, you will level up more easily and quickly. In this way, you will be addicted to the Diep.io game, thanks to the tasks that give players a goal and make it easier to navigate this path. 

You can team up with your friends using multiplayer modes. In this way, you can fight against your opponents and use teamwork. In the scoreboard on the right of the screen, you will see the ten strongest and highest-rated players in the server you are playing at the moment. And the game winner will be marked on the map. Struggling with the best before you develop enough, in the beginning, can end your end. Therefore, I recommend you to keep your place secret until it is developed sufficiently. In this way, you will increase your chances against your enemies by using machine guns or fast tanks from different tank and weapon options that you will gain in the next levels. The game is completely safe because there are no violent images, blood, death scenes or bad graphics in the game. Players of all ages can play at home or at school with the help of their teacher. You will be able to see your statistics, that is, the number of players you have killed, the time you have spent in the game and how many points you have on the screen that will appear before you when you die. If you want to embark on this breathtaking adventure and show yourself to other players connected online, Diep. Do not miss this addictive game offered by the io world.

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

Is Diep .IO game safe?
• The Diep.io game is at least as popular as Agar.io and is played by millions of people.
• Diep.io, one of the battle royale games where you have a tank and level up by hitting objects, is completely safe and exciting adventure that players of all ages can play in their homes or schools as it does not contain violence, blood, death or bad graphics.

Is Diep IO free?
• Diep.IO, which can be played online by connecting from different parts of the world and succeeded to be one of the immersive IO games of the latest times, is a game that you can play for free on apigame.com.

Can Diep.IO be multiplayer?
• Of course. Based on battle royale game mechanics and having a very simple world, Diep.IO is a multiplayer game where you can play with your friends or with different players connected simultaneously online.

What are the most played .IO games?
• Diep.IO
• Agar.IO
• Zombs.IO
• MooMoo.IO
• Slither.IO

How to play Diep.IO?
• You start the game by choosing a name for yourself and choosing a server.
• Don't forget to choose one of 8 different game modes.
• You can move with the arrow keys and shoot using your mouse.
• You have to level up by hitting the geometric objects you see around.
• You must kill the enemies that you encounter.
• You can upgrade your tank using the development points and get yourself faster or higher firepower at later levels.
• Become the strongest tank on the map by using these tanks you have developed.