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If you trust your speed and your aim skills and love to duel, you will love the Deul  game. You have to be quick and decisive in a duel. We have an enemy in our game. If we fire without our enemy moving, we are defeated. This is against the rules. Our goal is to shoot the enemy as soon as he moves. I want to give you a hint. We can still shoot after we kill our enemy. We can win them by shooting gold in the air. Everybody likes to make extra money. You can also earn extra money by shooting more of our enemy lying on the ground and breaking the surrounding objects. We have an interesting situation in our game. Some of our enemies will be so scared of us that they give us flowers. It's forbidden to shoot these kind men. If you manage not to hit them, we get extra points. As the division goes, we gain points and with those points, we can improve our lead speed and many of our abilities. If you are not fast enough, I suggest you improve your lead speed. You can also improve your skills by training. You can do these exercises using the other mode of the game. There are two different modes in the game. The other option is classic marksmanship games. Bottles! We have to hit the bottles that were thrown at us before they hit us. If the bottles hit us, we are dead and we are back in the game. The only way to get rid of the bottles is to shoot them. You can use this mode to earn money and train.

How to play:

Aim at targets with your mouse. Shoot by clicking.