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After the game is loaded you will be asked to select the color of the ball that represents you first. If you don't want to change it's your choice, it can remain the same color. When you start Billiards io, you will have many balls. Colored and irregularly positioned, these balls are constantly moving. Anything that might seem complicated in the first place. The aim of the game is actually very easy. A screen will appear in front of you and show you how to manage your ball. In this wine-focused game, you need to drag the arrow around the ball onto the other balls to make it grow and dominate. It will be a bit difficult to control because the space of the balls is limited. Align the mouse well and don't lose control of the ball.

Billards Rules, when playing the game, remember that the opposing balls represent other players. Now let's explain the purpose of the game. The game is over when the ball moves out of the area where it is walking. Every ball is attacking each other here. Take your line with your arrow and drag yourself onto the other balls.

By hitting other balls with your ball you can cause them to go out of the playing field and defeat them. As you win, your ball will grow bigger and stronger. When you drop all the balls, you qualify for the division. So try to hit your opponents fast and hard. Be careful, in this game you can go hunting! Keep in mind that the closer you are to your opponent's balls, the more likely they can hit you. Maneuver when you reach the borderline to enter into the field! Do you want to be first? Let's play!