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Pixel Art games is a social platform for all ages. With Pixel Art, we care about your experience, so we take privacy and content very seriously. Sworn filters are enabled by default. Users can block and report other users. No private conversation - all materials (except for special drawings) are open to everyone. If any content is not socially acceptable for all ages, that content is deleted. All figures are checked before publication.
 Pixel Art is completely free to use. No membership fees or trials. The drawing app is easy to learn and fun to use. Create animations, game sprites, icons and even draw online with friends. Create drawings from 32x32 pixels to 700x700 pixels. Save your drawings online and even share them on social networks.
 Customize your drawings to the products you want. Personalize shirts, phone cases, hearts, pillows and more! US users can even sell artwork in the market. Support the artist or earn money with Pixel Art Shop. Give the perfect gift with a magnificent work of art created by you!
 Pixel Art Drawing App is the best pixel drawing tool. Create beautiful pixel art, create game sprite, GIF animations, and even draw online. Pixel Art can even be used for external images. Just open it and start editing your work.

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