Parking Fury

Can't you find parking for your car in the city? Do not worry! Parking Fury 3 has plenty of free parking! Come and with the first part of the popular Parking Fury series all players come up with abilities. Go to the parking lot to find the best place for your car and don't forget to shake your fists behind clumsy drivers who think parking in two places is a good solution! Complete each task on each level and you need to obtain a garage for yourself.
 In this challenging parking game, you will drive everything from sports cars to trucks. Can you fit each car in the right place without crashing any vehicles? It might be harder than you think! The latest “Parking Fury 3D” is a new challenge for everyone. You can see the city of holes on the mini map in the left corner. This parking game will require certain parking skills.
 Your main goal is not to get caught by a police officer in this crowded city. You can escape from them and find or arrest this parking space. Your car will change to a certain level. Another interesting feature of this parking game “Parking Fury 3D” is that you can steal cars from people who don't pay attention to their goods. Be deceptive and find a way to complete adrenaline levels scattered throughout your body.

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