When the arcade games were very popular, the legend of PacMan, which was brought out by Toru Iwatani and managed to attract the attention of the players, brought a new excitement to the market. Your goal was to feed on a maze-like map by avoiding enemy ghosts. The idea of ​​the character was originally inspired by a slice of pizza, and it became more beautiful by coloring it. The .IO games, which have recently entered our lives and have attracted the attention of the players by producing many popular games, unite with the legend of Pac-Man and appear as This time,, which welcomes us with more attractive graphics in 3D, is the story of Pac-Man, which resembles as game mechanics, but as a story. Your goal will be the same in the game, but your enemies will face you a little differently. Although it was highly appreciated as an arcade game when it was first released, Pac-Man, which does not have some features that players want, seems to have completed its deficiencies in this game. For example, the multiplayer mode was not available in the early days, and you had to play the game alone, and you had to fight against monsters controlled by the computer. Producers who want to change this have combined the game with an system to create a new, exciting and exciting Pac-Man where you can play simultaneously and online and fight real players connected from different parts of the world. You start the game as little Pacman. And the big players can kill the little ones by eating. They did not need to change this because their old map was highly appreciated. The labyrinth-like walls and the old Pac-Man map meet. But it's bigger and filled with more coins. You will collect coins by going around the map and your size will increase as you collect. Your goal is to be the biggest Pacman who feeds the most. You should know that your head is in trouble with your opponents at the beginning of your difficult struggle. You will be the target of players who grow by feeding before you. To get rid of this situation, you must collect coins as quickly as possible. Our character will be really hungry that he continues to grow by eating everything he sees. It's not just about collecting coins that helps you grow and grow stronger. Fruits placed randomly on the map make you grow more than collecting coins. You can grow faster and more by eating these fruits. You should reach the fruits that disappear and disappear in a short time from the point they appear before your competitors and lower them to your stomach. 

Only in the game where there are no walls, you will encounter obstacles in points. I recommend you not to compete with your enemies in these obstacles. Because if you drop your opponents who grow more than fruits or collect coins here, they will grow very fast and you will be stranded among these obstacles. The only way to get rid of it will be to start the game again because our character is not flexible enough to pass through here. You can eat your opponents by growing with the power of fruits and coin collecting, and besides these, there is another feature you can have. The producers, known as the former enemy character of the Pac-Man game, but did not forget to add ghosts, although not scary, made the story of Pac-Man, one of the first arcade games. Unlike the old features, the ghosts that we encounter are a character that you will not want to be afraid of this time. So how can we replace ghosts? You will see large orange balls placed on the map and surrounded by lots of coins. If you reach before your rivals, these special powers that will turn you into a frightening ghost as soon as you eat will take you far ahead of your competitors. No matter how big you are, you become the most dangerous player on the map when you turn into a ghost. You can attack and damage enemies of all sizes and kill them. This feature, which adds a new dimension to competition, is a gift for players who are small in size. It is the key to more power for players who have grown and grown beforehand. Maze-like walls will help you collect more special powers, among which you will find more, but remember that the biggest battles take place here. Many hungry Pacman's will be struggling to grow and score points around here. You will see a leaderboard on the right side of the screen. Here you will see the top 10 biggest players in size and score. I recommend you to follow your strong opponents and be more cautious. Also, your goal should be to get to this list by collecting the highest score. No violent elements were included in the game. For this reason, it is popular for players of all ages to play. You can also play in your homes with the help of your parents. Also suitable for playing in schools, Pacman .io is a fun-filled classic that you can play with your friends with the help of your unblocked teachers. If you like .IO games that release the most popular games like Agar .io and you are also interested in classic arcade games like Pac-Man, the adventure you should not miss comes with a world of multiplayer competition and 3D graphics. You can set a name for yourself and step into this fun world and you can join this excitement with your friends.
The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

Why is the character called out by the name Pac-Man?
• In the first years of its release, its original name came from Japanese and it was decided to be Puckman.
• But later, the similarity of the name with that of a frog species attracted attention.
• By evolving, he remained as Pacman and became the sympathetic yellow character we all know.

How to play game?
• After logging into the game, which is very simple and understandable to play, you need to set a name for yourself.
• You will then enter the map with real players that you will play simultaneously.
• You must collect coins and grow coins by controlling your character with your mouse.
• You can increase points and grow more by eating fruits.
• As you grow older, you should eat your smaller opponents and gain more dimensions.
• You can be a ghost and chase your enemies by eating the orange balls placed on the map so that you can defend yourself and change the course of the game for a short time.
• You must achieve the highest score by trying to get among the top ten players on the scoreboard on the left of the screen.

Can Pac-Man game be played as multiplayer?
• Pac-Man io, which is very similar to Agar .io game as game mechanics and mixes with Pacman, is a multiplayer arcade game that you will play against real players online simultaneously connected through our site. You can play by multiplying the fun by playing with your friends on the same server.

Anybody beat Pac-Man?
• A man named Billy Mitchell managed to beat Pac-Man in 1999 and was the first to achieve such a great score. Billy, who managed to surprise the players who think that the game is not the end, even the game manufacturers, has reached 3,333,360 points.

Is it safe to play
• The game does not include blood or other such violence. And it has no issue to increase the level of aggressiveness in children. For these reasons, it is appropriate for people of all ages to play the game. You can also play in your homes with the help of your parents. Suitable for playing in schools, is a safe game that you can play with the help of your teachers as it will be a fun game to play with your friends.


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