Offroad Truck

If you like driving or even driving, this game is for you. Offroad truck 3D is a 3D game made with unity. Developed with 3D Unity, the game has many different content and levels. The game, which you will have fun while playing, will challenge you with its difficulty levels and entertain you as well.

How to Play Off Road Truck?

Off road trucks games, which is quite entertaining, is quite easy to play by anyone. The control keys are only directional keys and are very simple. In the game where you can move forward and backward left and right, you must take care to move forward without pouring loads. You can also skip game levels, paying attention to your gasoline level and elapsed time.

What is the objective in Off Road Truck?

The goal in the game is to get to the next stage before you run out of gas and do it as soon as possible. The game begins in a rainy weather, you have to load the back of the truck, ie boxes without dropping and dropping, obstacles and ramps to collect the money to overcome. With the money you earn in the best off road truck game, you can improve your truck, paint it in different colors and have more fun. You should also pay attention to obstacles on the ground, rocks and especially puddles during the game. Otherwise, your vehicle may fall over and you may lose the game by staying out of the game.

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