Neon Blaster

Neon Blaster is a game that doesn't repeat itself and requires the ability to calculate secretly. Neon shapes filled with numbers are pouring onto your neon-fired tank! It sounds weird, but we're sure you'll love this game that requires a fine account. Neons that contain numbers can destroy your tank's lasers. How Does? Let us give an example. For example, a 7-digit neon box fell from above. In the meantime, you're shooting. When you hit your fire on this box, the number in it will decrease by one. In the first place, small numbered neon shapes like 1, 2, 3 from above will start to fall.

When you think the game is easy, large numbers like 13, 20 will fall inside the boxes from above. Try not to miss your fire and reset the numbers without touching the shapes. If one of the neon shapes falls on the tank, the game is over! Your game is accompanied by a rhythm of the music that will further enhance your excitement. If you are disturbed by this sound, you can click on the sound indicator on the top left. As you progress in the game, your tank will not be enough, you can upgrade your features with fire, cat paw, and target indicators. This will allow you to quickly reduce the number of large neon masses that arrive at the end of the game. Neon boxes jump when they touch the floor below. So the aim is not to touch the floor, but to prevent these boxes from coming on you. Large numbers of neon shapes have divisible properties. 2 neon boxes can suddenly come out of a neon box. The Neon Blaster player has to observe and jump right and left with the help of the mouse to avoid touching the boxes! Now it's time to play with numbers!

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