Monster Truck Racing

Monster Truck Racing: Offroad

Monster Truck Racing: Offroad will bring you the passion of offroad to your feet. The game is played through the browser and has very successful graphics, provides a very realistic offroad experience. The control mechanism of the game is extremely successful, so you can enjoy a realistic experience.
 When you start the game, you are offered career, offroad and challenge options. You can start the game by choosing which of these options you want. After starting the game you need to complete the track successfully. After completing the course you can proceed to the next course.
 There are multiple tracks in the game. Each track is unlocked respectively. You must complete the current course in order to proceed to the next course. There is no time limit to complete the course. All you need to do is reach the end point successfully. Once you reach the end point, you can move on to the next round.
 When you complete each round successfully, you will be given a game money. With the game money you can buy the vehicles offered to you in the game and play with the vehicles you bought the tracks. Since each vehicle is different from each other, the characteristics of the vehicle may also differ from each other.
 Vehicle controls in the game are quite easy.
 You can control the vehicles with “W, A, S, D” keys. In addition, the arrow keys help you control the vehicles. Other than that there are no control keys in the game. Simply press the ACE SPACE ”button to pause the game or enter the settings.

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