Maze tower

The maze tower, which is one of these games and is loved by many players, is a very entertaining and perpetual game. Moreover, you can play alone, but with a friend and tower defense, balloon tower defense, including many features in the game, consists of many parts.
What is the aim in Maze Tower?
The goal in this game is to finish the game alone or with a friend by passing the levels. You will have hours of fun with the maze with many different levels of difficulty. The game is playable on a fairly simple platform, with uncomplicated control keys. Easy to play by anyone, the game has different obstacles, monsters and challenges at each level. You will have fun playing, you will not understand how time passes.
Maze Tower Game How to Play?
To play Maze Tower you must first wait for the game to open. After the game opens, you should enter the control section on the screen and learn the movement keys well to learn which keys to play the game with. After learning the movement and direction keys by pressing the start button, you should continue by choosing whether to play with one or two people. Then you can start the game by selecting the section where you left off. If you are playing the game for the first time, the game will start on the first level, that is, from the first level. After you finish the first section, you can switch to other sections.

Maze tower PLAY