Mafia Billiard Tricks

Have you ever played pool? Or are you wondering and want to try yourself? Billiard is a game with rules and there is always a margin of error. Before you start Mafia Billiard Tricks, you need to know about billiard. Playing billiards requires extremely quick intelligence. The first thing that is necessary for this game is to use intelligence well. Also, if you can use enough mouse, you will probably succeed in the game. It's time to talk about the details of the game. When the game is opened for the first time, you will come across two men, who will direct you to the game. There is a task list and when it completes each item in the list, it is drawn and opened for the next task. In the first part, you are asked to hit one of the holes that do not belong to you. To do this, find the right angle by hovering over your own ball.

After that, by deciding at what speed you will throw the ball, you will withdraw that cue stick by that amount. The game isn't really fiction, it's designed like a real billiard. A small number of sections will improve your computational ability by becoming difficult. Chapters in the game called lesson. You can see it in the upper left corner. The number next to the lesson will increase as you pass each chapter. If you want to pause the game again, you can press the pause button in the upper left corner. Well, if you're asking whether it's my job to hit the balls in each episode, it's a hint! Start playing to see what you're wondering about Mafia Billiard Tricks!

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