Knock Off

You started to Knock off, you saw a character named C and there is a ball in front of him. Are you good at alignment? Can you hit it nice? Imagine. When you have a game like the equation, you will realize that it is difficult when you start.

Actually, if you're willing and you get the right aim, you'll find the game quite entertaining. The arrow pointing on the ball in front of the C character represents your target. You will see a target board and blocks standing behind it. The main goal is to knock down all the blocks. The function of the target board allows you to score points and helps you finish the section faster. In Knock off, you have the right to throw a certain number of balls. If you run out of balls, you are defeated in the game. Your right to throw the ball will increase more at each level. When you use the facilities given to you correctly, you will quickly pass through interesting and challenging sections. The important thing is to carefully follow the direction given by the arrow and throw the ball towards the target with the right timing. Another feature you will see in the game is the table above. The left end of this chart represents the current section and the other end represents the next section.

The chart will be filled as you hit the target. The game is an extremely active game. In order to pass the section, you need to display controlled firing. The C character will start to rejoice when the level is complete, isn't that nice?

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