Killer Assassin

You will enjoy playing individual games with Killer Assasin, which is slightly different from the war games you know. The knife in your hand is a symbol of power. You can start the game by pressing the Play button. You will see a maze. Yes, the game seems a bit boring in the first place. Do not be self-judged alone. Killer Assasin will be addictive as you defeat your enemies. Level 1 is a simple level for you to get used to the game. First of all, let's give you some tips on how to play this game. You cannot move your character with the arrow keys. You will manage the game with the mouse. Let's highlight the importance of determining the location and direction in the game. You have to be agile to catch enemies from across, right and left. Click on the closest distance to the enemy with the mouse and let your character walk. You can then go inside the enemy's boundaries and kill him. Your goal here is to show that you can fight your enemy at close range. The game will not stop where it stands. As you manage to level up, your enemies will increase in speed and speed.
Killer Assasin game should not be overlooked. You are in the role of a murderer assassin. You must act carefully against your enemies. Let's remind you that you can change your character with the points you collect when you kill them. How will you do this? When you take a break from the game, you can take a different character with the amount of diamond you collect from the shop section. Here are small locked boxes. Random Unlock button opens one of these locks for 600 diamonds. You can continue the game with the selected character from where you left off. You will not die unless you are standing at the lantern light of your enemies. When you are defeated, it will be written on the screen with a big phrase FAILED. If you do not want to encounter this, you should be cautious about your enemy. Good luck!




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