Human Runner 3d

Humman Runner 3D is a racing game in which one of the people who rely on his intelligence tries to reach the finish line with quick moves.

Human Runner 3D What is the aim of the game?

The goal in Humman Runner 3D is to reach the finish line before everyone else. To reach the line you need to go through the traps both in the game and by the opponents. While passing through these traps you can set up traps for your opponent, you can prevent their races. The game attracts you with its 3D game structure. Blood pressure never fall to the final line wins the game. There are many levels in the race. Each level has its own challenges. The higher the level, the stronger the opponents.

Humman Runner 3D Game How to Play?

When Humman Runner 3D starts, the new game is started and the level is selected after the new game. As the level increases, the challenges of the game and the traps posed by your opponents increase. On the other hand, the traps you set up will give the opponent a hard time. It will be easier for them to be upside down. It is only a matter of time to come to the finish line with lithe intelligence. The control panels on the screen move up, down, right and left. The tasks given in the game are not easy. There are many obstacles in front of you when performing tasks. What needs to be done is to be fast and agile. The more enemies you trap, the more chance you get. In the game that requires intelligence and speed, whoever comes to the finish line first wins the game.

Human Runner 3d PLAY