Dear io lovers, this is Hole.io Unblocked. The more beautiful and fun games we come across as the day goes on .io showed itself again. If you are interested in black holes, don't miss it because we are born as a small black hole in a colorful world. The main goal of our game, which has two different map options and offers us quite colorful platforms, is to swallow everything that comes before us. We will play online with players connecting from different parts of the world. At first, we have to grow up eating small objects from us. You have to get to the top of the leaderboard within a certain amount of time. When you are sufficiently advanced, you can kill opponents who are smaller than you. There are two different modes, the first of which is played against time. The second is survival mode, and you must be the last person to survive here. I advise you to be fast and swallow as many objects as you can. As you progress through the game there is a market where you can choose your own costume. To achieve this, you must score points and be first. There is no violence in our game where we can eat cars, trees or even buildings around us, and people of all ages can play. Prepare your black hole, which you can control with your mouse, and join the competition.

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

Is Hole.io a free game?
- Hole.io the game is a free game and you can play online from our site with players from different
parts of the world for free.

How to Play Hole.io on PC?
1-Open the game over the internet.
2-Enter the Start screen and set a name for yourself.
3-pick yourself a costume.
4-Select the game mode.
5-swallow everything by moving your black hole with your mouse.

Is Hole.io real people?
- Hole.io battle royal is an arcade game created with mechanics and played online with real players
connecting from different parts of the world.


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