Hill Climb

Going fast on a bumpy road and collecting points at the same time requires skill. If you are a close follower of car games, controlling the car will not be too difficult for you. You can choose a car when starting the Hill Climb game. At the entrance of the game, you are given a choice of vehicles and you are given the opportunity to start the game with whichever you like. Why is the car unlocked when there is no difficulty on the first level? Such a question can occur in mind. As you move to the right in the car options you will see that some luxury cars are locked and you can buy them for a certain point. That's the fun part! Locked vehicles look great and have good features. The unlocked options will be unlocked when you have pointed to buy a car. In the game, you can see the value of the gold you collect in the upper left corner. Don't succumb to your ambition and suddenly accelerate your vehicle! It's only a matter of time before you lose control when you drive uncontrolled speed in Hill Climb! How much distance you go in the game appears in the upper section. In the upper right corner, you can see your best score. Of course, that's not all we're going to tell you. There's a gasoline topic. At certain distances, you will see icons to fill your petrol. Your vehicle must pass over these symbols, otherwise, you will not succeed. You can also accelerate with the right mouse button and brake with the left button. The brake button also allows you to go back. In the following compartment, you can see your speed and petrol level. Good luck!

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