Heroes of Myths

Heroes Of Myths is a visually rich game that attracts attention to battle characters. Press Play to start the game. A field is written ''to war'' is indicated by an arrow. This represents the area you will fight.

On the left, you can see your own characters in circles. These characters fight to represent you.

With the money you earn, you must buy characters and defeat enemies. Be quick! Your dry-headed enemies behave very fast to enter your home and multiply constantly. The continuous progress of the game will allow you to experience the excitement at the peak. By defending your own space, you must kill all enemies and pass through sections. Each time you kill an enemy, your money will increase and you will be able to increase the number of your characters. Be extremely cool while playing unblocked heroes of myths and make your character selection quickly. Don't give your enemies the opportunity to buy the most powerful character as your money accumulates. The game also includes extra power supplements. With two of the icons above, you can make your enemies lose their power. You need to have a good performance to fill these power supplements. Once you have defeated all enemies, you will gain access to the other area by accessing their protected area. The background of each section is different. It is easy to understand that the game is not uniform and focused on keeping the player's excitement alive. You can stop the game at any time by clicking on the pause sign in the upper right corner and resume from where you left off! Have fun!

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