Heroes Legend

When you enter the Heroes Legend game you will see that you start with two heroes. This game played with two players is also an opportunity to show who is more powerful while rescuing the princess! There are a number of quests requested from you in the game. Like collecting the keys. First of all, let's say this. Both players have equal lives, you have the right to fight 3 times. You can tell how many rights you have left by counting the hearts on the strip above. In the game, you encounter some difficulties to pass the chapter. With the sword in your hand, you can kill your enemies to overcome obstacles. The blue character ''L'' and the red character ''F'' can use his sword. The minimal visuals in the game are quite cute. You are not only defending yourself against the monsters that come across you with a sword. As the level passes, the defense equipment you can use increases. In addition, the double jump feature will make it easier to climb the tower.

You have to double-press the ''w'' key to jump more with the red character and the ''up-arrow'' key to jump more with the blue character. Within the game, you will see question marks directing you. When your character stands in front of this question mark, you get a hint as to which keys to use. Heroes Legend game with two people will enjoy playing. The fact that the game does not continue uniformly is an extra beauty provided to the player. You will have fun with your playmate and fight with the monsters that come up against you! Do you want to be a competitor and fight together?

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