Happy Snakes

Here are the happy snakes! These snakes are always smiling. Of course, they need to eat and grow. Your mission is to help them using the mouse. The game is that simple. You start with a snake of yours. There are many snakes and baits around. Of course, you have to eat the bait to get close to other snakes and grow at the same time. Playing as the game online game will increase your desire to beat. Because each snake you encounter in the field you see represents a different player. They are trying to eat you and you are trying to get higher in the game ranking. In the upper right corner, you will see a list screen where the numbers change continuously. Here you can see the size of your snake. Happy snakes are fun to play, when you get bored, turn this game on and enjoy yourself. Let's talk about the details of the game. For example, the first time you enter the game you will see the snakes skin button. You can distinguish yourself from other players by means of the button that allows you to select your snake character without starting the game. You are most likely to encounter rival snakes that look the same as you. But at this point, ’YOU’ under your snake will eliminate your confusion. In the game, you will notice a map with colorful snakes in the lower-left corner. Here you can keep track of the distance between your opponents and how many opponents you have in your room. In each level, you can encounter more powerful opponents than you. Try to eat the shiny trail left behind when any snake dies. This will help you grow more. Let's be the best snake in Happy Snakes!

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