The Hanger game is simple to play but hard to play. You'll probably get a quick start on this game. Jump, jump and jump. No! You have lost! Your character doesn't have so many chances! Now concentrate and listen to what we have to say. Before you start the game, let's say that the game is played with the mouse so that you have an idea of ​​how it is played and you control the game. Here is a man swinging on the rope and the parts that need to pass ... If you don't pay attention and hit obstacles you will lose some of your organs. For example, you hit the mountain or jump off the rope early and fell man's arm, his leg is broken. Every time you fall, you should check the man who is a little more down and help him by pressing the mouse in time and holding on to the rope.

The game wants agility and attention but does not give up immediately if you can not. After a few attempts, you will certainly get used to it. In addition, the obstacles you encounter becomes difficult as you level up. So how do you know you're going to the next level? Let's answer that. As you hold onto the rope, you will see a vertical line at the end of each section, and the number you see above will advance as you cross that line. As you continue to play the game you will try to break your own record. When you see the high score, you'll know you broke your record. When the Hanger game reaches a certain level, it unlocks the character selection to change the hero.

In this way, you must continue the game with the character you best approve. Good luck!

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