Gun Builder

Gun Builder, which is one of the most preferred options in weapon games, is a game with extraordinary design features. In the first stage, the game starts with ‘start.. You see a picture of a transparent weapon. In the tab on the right side, the ‘parts’ section contains the weapon parts. Drag the pieces in these sections with the mouse to bring them to the middle weapon. After completing all the parts, the weapon is ready for use.

A Beautiful Armed Game

With the help of Mause, you aim at the targets that appear on the left side and perform the firing process. A nice game for those who like to practice shooting with guns. Nice game for aiming and hitting the target.
This game with harmless content, specially designed for gun lovers. Sound and visual effects increase motivation. Mause assist firing process takes place. The shooting category is designed for those interested in shooting games. Shooter-style games are among the most preferred games in the armed games category. Designed for children and does not want parental control, this game does not contain any harmful content.

Quality Features

If you are looking for a nice, simple and immersive game to have fun, Gun Builder is the software with the features you are looking for. Comic book style graphics feature has professional features. The detailed graph, the sound of the gun that increases motivation makes the game attractive.

Gun Builder, game that you can play for free on

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