Whether or not you like console and computer games, the Grand Theft Auto, which is known to every player, has played any version of it, and even today it is spoken with great appreciation and admiration. The GTA game, better known in the public by its short name, is one of the games we first encountered with computers. GTA5, which has taken its place in the game community with its 5th Series as of the current year, is still highly appreciated. The game is an open-ended video game featuring action and adventure. It was released in 2013 by Rockstar Games. Unlike other versions of the online mode is also given nowadays players in different countries and regions together.

What is the GTA 5 Game?

The game has 3 main characters and a parallel story fiction. The game takes place on the map of Los Santos, which is a replica of a city that does not actually exist but is generally present. The game, which aims to intersect the 3 different characters in the game with the tasks given in their separate and distant lives, has a fiction in this sense. Michael De Santa is a former criminal and family man, Franklin Clinton is a young gang member and fraudster, and Trevor Philips is an addict and angry character who is a smuggler who lives off-center. In this game, which aims to see the end of editing by fulfilling the tasks assigned to these characters, there are sometimes side missions created with the racing motto and simple tasks that develop spontaneously.

GTA 5 Game How to Play?

GTA 5 game can be played online or offline via console and computer. Although the game is played differently on the devices they are connected to, the information in the game is generally made. While playing the game, you can learn which keys to play and what to do by reading the texts passed as footnotes on the top right of the screen. The keys for GTA V computer players are as follows;
W, A, S, D: Forward, Back, Left and Right keys,
Shift: Sprint / sprint button that allows the player to run faster,
Alt-L: The key to change the character in the game,
Q: Provides a front in case of conflicts within the game,
F: Key to get in and out of the car,
R: Refills the magazine of the weapon used in the game
Caps Lock: A special talent
Space: The key that makes the player jump,
Mouse Left Lick: Enables shooting,
Mouse Right Lick: Allows aiming with the weapon to be fired,
Mouse Middle Lick: Enables mobile phone usage,
Tab: Opens the weapon wheel and selects the weapon,
M: Open the player menu,
1,2,3,4 etc .: Allows you to select the weapons available on the weapon wheel.
GTA 5 on PS4 is played as follows;
Left Analog: Allows walking, walking on foot, changing direction of aim while shooting with gun, guiding the car while driving, changing gun,
Right Analog: Directs the camera,
L2: Brake while driving, aiming with gun while pedestrian is the key,
L1: It is the key to shoot while driving, to change weapons while on foot.
R1: Handbrake while driving, provides protection and protection when pedestrian,
Square: Jumping, climbing, jumping side, allows to change weapons in the car,
Cross: Provides running, kicking and hand brake,
Round: Provides lead filling and manual attack,
Triangle: Provides to get in and out of the car,
L3: Enables horn sounding,
R3: Provides rear-facing


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