Gold Miner

Have you ever mined anything? I can feel your answer is no. So how about you help uncle Sam and mine some gold with him? Gold Miner is the game that you can do that. The controls are easy. You can use Down Arrow key to lower your hook and grab the valuable gold or diamonds. You can also collect the stones but they are not worth much and it takes longer to pull stones back because they are heavier than diamonds and gold. You can also get some sacks which can contain dynamites or strength potion. The potion will let you pull back the things you catch faster. This way you can have more attempts at grabbing the stuff under the ground. If you have dynamite you can see it next to your character and you can use it when you pull back your loot. Be careful when you use it because it will break whatever it is that you are pulling back. To use dynamite use the Up Arrow key. Have fun

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