G Switch 2

You can play up to 6 people from a single computer with multi-game play with friends or family in the game, and you will be fully involved in the race. In the G-Switch 2 version, you'll get more enjoyment when you see more characters and more complex treadmills.
 Multiple Player Support
 G-Switch 2 can play up to 6 people at the same time, as well as C, M, CTRL, A and 3 arrow keys. After pressing the Play button, you will use your first step in this fun game. You have to steer your character with a magnet on his leg. To jump over obstacles you encounter, you must stick them to the opposite wall with a magnet.
 New Generation Robotics Game

 On the computer you will find a great race for 6 or less people to play. When G-Switch 2 is started, you can enter the multi-user system from multi-user mode. Of course, you must leave the other players behind who want to beat you. If you become the first participant to reach the end of the chapter, you have the right to proceed to the next step. Be careful not to fall to the ground by jumping over obstacles. Successful completion of this fun G-Switch 2 game between the ceiling and floor may not be as easy as it sounds. But you're not hurting!

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