Are you ready to start your engines? If you like car racing and you have a passion for speed, I will offer you a game that you will like. There are many likes and dislikes in car racing games that have been released recently. These features are shaped according to the wishes of the players and new features are added accordingly. Unlike the players who love mixed car racing, many people started to go for simple and fun car racing. Especially since the games like Rocket League came out, colorful and original car racing games have attracted the attention of the players. The reason for this may be that players are bored with standard car games and want to play renewed and different car racing games. Pale car games have a bad effect on players and after a while it gets boring. With Rocket League, which was produced as a solution for them, car racing games have been brought to a new dimension and many game manufacturers have started to produce new games by considering them. FunRace, which draws attention with its colorful structure .io is a good example of this type of game. With its different and original vehicle structure, it gives the game a more original structure. Apart from all these, we can say that it is completely a car racing game as game mechanics. It is able to get ahead of its competitors by getting rid of its uniform structure with the added features. Before starting the engines and stepping on the gas, you need to set a name for yourself. In the start menu, you will only see the start button and the name bar. It has a very simple start menu. In this way, it does not involve confusion and manages to be a game focused only on racing. After you have set a name for yourself, you may want to choose a car. But unfortunately is lacking in this regard. As with all racing games, there is not a wide choice of cars. There is one car given to you and you have to enter all races with your standard car. Car options may come in the following updates, but this version does not have a car option. Once you have chosen a person for yourself, you will enter the race. Like the vehicle option, FunRace is missing from the map. There are only one map and one racetrack in the io game. We hope that they can find solutions by looking at these missing issues in the future versions. Because no matter how fun a car racing game is, the vehicle option and map, number of tracks are among the factors that seriously affect the game. Most of the players pay attention to such features and it seriously affects their playing time. You will do the race on a long track and there are 8 racers in total. The good news is that race cars are not all the same. Everyone has different cars. Race cars do not have different features in order to ensure equality and justice. All cars have standard speeds and handling capabilities. In this way, no one can be superior to each other. To mention the race track, I can say that you will encounter a very colorful and full track. So what are the features that fill this track? First of all, you should know that the game is very smooth and the roads are quite comfortable and beautifully designed. There are traps that will slow you down as well as helpful features that you will encounter in this road. As you progress, you will see orange-colored acceleration points. I recommend not to miss them. Because when you buy them, your vehicle will accelerate and they will win your race by getting ahead of your competitors. These acceleration points are randomly placed in several places to spread across the track. If you open K, you can fall back from your opponents, but by catching the acceleration points ahead, you have the opportunity to catch up with your opponents again. Apart from the features that will speed you up, traps that will slow down are placed randomly on the track. Some cars have been damaged and run oil on the road. If you get stuck with these black oils, your car will slow down considerably and your opponents will have the opportunity to outdo you. If you get stuck on these, you slow down for about 3 seconds. It becomes harder for you to return to the race and the competition increases. The game has vehicles damage feature, but this is not valid for your vehicle. You can take them out of the race by hitting rival cars or having them crash. Race cars hitting somewhere start to smoke and stay where they are. This may seem like an advantage for you, but it may also be a disadvantage. You can avoid your opponents by leaving them out of the race, but they stay in their place and occupy the track. When you turn around and come to the same place, they can prevent you from passing by standing in front of you. To avoid this, when you see a car that crashed out of the race and was out of the race, you have to be careful to pass by it. Because you have to be quick to not lose, and these cars can greatly reduce your speed. A nice feature given to you is that you do not get damaged. When you hit the sides of the track or hit any car, your car is not damaged and you can continue your race. In this way, you can drive as you want. The race consists of 3 rounds in total. It doesn't matter which order you are in during these three laps. The important thing is how far you finished the race. At the end of the race, you can see the number of vehicles you have eliminated, the number of traps you have fitted and how long you have completed the race. Racing out of 8 persons that k you will see that you have completed. If you wonder how many race cars you have in front of you and how many race cars you have in front of the race, you can see the instant ranking on the left side of the screen. In this way You can identify the vehicles you need to pass by learning how many vehicles you have to pass in front of you. It can be a good tactic to win the race. When you complete a race, you can change your name by going to the main menu after the statistics screen and enter a new race again. You can continue the excitement from where you left off and reduce your time to complete the race by applying different strategies in each race. Since the game is a harmless car racing game, no violent elements are included. In this way, it does not cause negative behaviors in children. It is suitable for players of all ages to play and is very safe. You can play with your friends at school or have fun races in your homes. If you're a fan of speed and love racing games, is the game for you. Be late and join this fun online on our site.

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:

How to play?

  • The game mechanics are quite plain and Funrace is simple to learn. To play io, first choose a name for yourself from the start screen.
  • Then log in to the game by pressing the start button.
  • Use your arrow keys to steer your racing car.
  • Achieve high speeds using acceleration points.
  • Try not to catch black oil traps.
  • By playing over and over again, try to reduce your race end time every time and break the record.


What is

  • It is an 8-person car racing game that you can play online, resembles Rocket League game with its colorful world and is easy to learn with simple game mechanics.
  • If you are interested in and love racing games, Funrace. We recommend that you do not miss the io game. SAFETY The sturdy?

  • It is very safe since there are no violent elements in it and players of all ages can play. PLAY