Funky Truck

Funky Truck is a car game that is completely free to play. Climbing along with your car you proceed and collecting gold in front of you continue. You can start playing the game by pressing Play. Make sure your Adobe Flash Player plug-in is up to date before you play the game. Flash Player plug-in game is quite enjoyable game. It will not be easy to drive the truck that starts by falling from above. Here you will pass through rough terrain and you will have to be careful not to tip your truck. To show that you are a good driver, you must be able to climb the steep slope and descend in the same way.
 Watch out for rough terrain!
The truck will take off as soon as you exit the rough ramp. Therefore, you will need to be careful when touching the ground. When climbing the mountain with your truck you will need to adjust your speed well. You'll have to speed through these mountains as needed. In the game, if your truck overturns, you start over again. So you have to show in the game that you are a good driver. There is also a scoring system based on your performance in the game. Accordingly, if you increase your truck somersault, you will earn more points and this is the score you need to increase your level in the game.

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